On the Fullness of Self

Here is what I know: 

When you step into the fullness of your being, you are able to curate the more fullness of your chosen tone — your self-expression — and offer that as a gift to your friends, your loves, even strangers. 

“Ohhhh, how presumptuous,” they say. 

“Who are you, this gift to the world?” 

You are this. 

You are your wonder and curiosity rising up around you with every step. Your joy and your rebel glowing. Daring. You are this. You are intention. You are all that is condoned, and quite a bit that is not. You are the unapologetic poetry and rounded movements of your breath and grace. You are in your owned, flawed, and perfect fullness. 

This peace? This power? This allowing?  

This *way* you get to show up in the world… This fullness of self you get to choose and radiate? It is a right, and it is a privilege. When anyone steps into control, into the curation of their life’s journey, it is an act of revolution. 

Is this a leap for you? Does it meet resistance? Let me ask this: What happens when a person is enough? What happens now, when you are enough?